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Window Shopping For An IBD Diet?


Window Shopping For An IBD Diet?
by David Klein, Ph.D., Naturorthopathic Doctor
Director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

IBD strikes and you are lost and confused……confused (and probably scared) by medical opinions that are false, and confused by a plethora of dietary cures and “disease management” diets.

Nature has the answer to IBD. But, our upbringing in this unnatural word has shaded the path forward. Eating naturally is something you and I never did before IBD struck, so that concept sounds like nonsense. So, we go “window shopping” for an appealing diet.

We shop online and read website sales pitch headlines, gaze at deceptive marketing agency pictures and hopeful book covers, and read reviews and forum posts, almost all of them trying their best to persuade us with every sort of misguided emotional enticement. 99.99% of those enticements are fraud! None of them tell you that the causes and “cure” for IBD have been known for 100 years!

It makes me profoundly sad that some people shop for the most convenient diet cure. Some folks who’ve reviewed Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s on Amazon.com have wrote that the Vegan Healing Diet Plan “is not practical.” They want a “practical” diet that suits their corrupted taste buds and modern dietary habits. They didn’t think deeply enough and give the Vegan Healing Diet Plan a thorough try and get my help, so they shop for a more convenient diet and spin their wheels, year after year, jumping from one “cure” fad to the next, and never recover their health, all the while not finding their way.

Are any of the IBD pitches you’ve seen based on the laws of Nature, that is, on an accurate understanding of human biology and physiology? Do any attempt to teach you about your body’s own self-healing power? Do any teach the clear truth about the causes of IBD and offer a proven natural healing plan that teaches how to stay free of IBD and be truly healthy (not “remission”) for a lifetime?

I know hogwash—I tried a bunch of remedies before I found Natural Hygiene and applied what I now call the Vegan Healing Diet Plan. And nearly every one of my 5,000-plus clients similarly tried the gamut of IBD “cures” and similarly failed. Of course they did not work, because they are unnatural, indigestible, intoxicating folly. Those IBD diets are incompatible with human physiology and only perpetuate the IBD.

We don’t need to shop for an IBD diet—the correct diet was already chosen for us!

The best diet is Nature’s diet, the one that harmonizes with you in mind-body-spirit and has a proven track record that goes back over 100 years. That’s the Vegan Healing Diet Plan.

The buck stops here with the Vegan Healing Diet Plan. So, stock up on non-acid fruits, lettuce, celery, sweet potatoes and squashes, get your juicer, blender and steamer fired up, and look no further than your body’s own self-healing power to get you well. You have the power within to heal IBD!

If you need my guidance, I’m here for you when you need it.

To your glorious health!

Dr. Dave Klein
Skype: drdaveklein