Dr. David Klein has helped 1000s by Skype, phone & email heal Ulcerative Coiitis, Crohn's & IBS via his medically-endorsed, natural Vegan Healing Diet Plan.
Patient Testimonials
Dear Dr. Dave Klein,
I am Dani from Romania, and I want to share with you my good news about my health. I’m very good again. God bless you and your open heart for helping sick people. I have 4 year of non medicine therapy. That is because your wonderful way to conquer disease! I’m happy that you exist.
After 4 very difficult months (June – September) I’m again very good. I can work again, and my life is again normal. Every day is a “thanks giving” for special gifts and people in my life. You are a very special one in my life!!! When we all are arriving in heaven, after finishing these earthly journey, I wish you the best blessings from Jesus Christ!
You made very, very much people to be happy & healthy again. That’s great! You’ve found a very good reason to spent your life! I wish you the greatest reward here and in heaven too…
Thank you!
Dani S., Romania (November, 2019)


Dear Dave,

I am excellent. Now 16 months passed since then I have started your wonderful Vegan Healing Diet Plan. Gradually, I saw my flare ups were becoming weaker and weaker and now I see as long as I stick to the rules of the Diet, no flare ups take place for me at all. I am on Vegan Post-healing Diet now but I am monitoring my diet and my life style carefully. I am discovering my limitations and this journey looks wonderful to me. my family always complain about my skinny body, but I ignore them all the time. because I know they cannot understand how being free of such a horrible disease is wonderful and joyful!!!!!!!

You saved me from a horrible disease. I don’t know how I could thank you. I just send you best wishes .

Elham K., Iran (November, 2019)


Dave, the hard work and wholehearted effort you put into Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s is perceptible in every single word and phrase. The last five years have been my greatest challenge in life. Being diagnosed with Crohn’s in early 2014, I did not have the smallest glimpse of what was lying ahead of me. I did a lot of research, tried various approaches, documented every meal, every noticeable change in my body and mind, had some minor, and some greater successes, and I learned how to grow through loss and struggle. Within all my search for a cure (a therapy that only suppresses the disease was never an option for me) I finally stumbled across your book. What I found was the best documented, fully natural, step-by-step guide for creating the physiological and environmental circumstances for removing the root causes of this disease and allowing the body to heal, in a treasure chest full of love, motivation and compassion. It shows us the path, explaining the universal, natural principles of how our body works in an easy-to-understand-manner, and you address not only the body but also the mind, heart and soul. I want to thank you for this your gift to the world. I deeply wish that everyone with IBD finds this real cure and recovers their health – our ability to heal lies far beyond our imagination. Adhering to the Vegan Healing Diet gets the ball rolling. Perseverance, patience and a lot of love are also quite helpful. As a highly reliable professional and friend, you really helped me when I needed advice on the diet or any other health concerns. Through your coaching, I experienced you as a man who nails it, going straight to the point about the necessities of healing. I got a new life and I thank you with profound joy and gratitude.

Andreas Vierthaler, Germany (September, 2019)


Dear Dave,

I just wanted to write a little note to say thanks for all your help. Since becoming aware of your work, my life has become amazingly improved and continues to improve. It’s been about 1-1/2 years since I started down this road and I’m feeling better and learning more about myself, my body and my greater environment every day. There’s been ups and downs, but life feels so much clearer and simpler and happier than before. Through your teachings, I feel empowered and unlimited.

Enclosed is a token of my gratitude. It is a commemorative coin I was given at MIT Lincoln Lab for my work building AI systems for Cyber Security.

Keep fighting the good fight. And keep spreading the love and good will.

Neal W., Massachusetts (September, 2019)


Hello Dr. Klein,

After 2 months of following vegan healing diet I am now completely symptoms free since last 7 days and I now feel like I am that happiest person in this world : ) I want to offer my sincere thanks for showing me a true way of healing this horrible disease (ulcerative colitis since 2011).


Dhaval P., New Jersey (September, 2019)


Hi Dave,

I just wanted to share some marvelous experiences with you. Since our talk last Monday I went totally raw, leaving out all salt, having only fruit and juices every day. Tuesday night, I woke up at 3:00 am, and after a little bloating, a wonderful sensation lined the inside of my intestines, it felt like a gently flowing nectar, soothing literally my whole being; I am not exaggerating; my mind was sharp like a razor blade!

On Tuesday, all the blood was gone from the stools. Energy went up and down the next days, the abdominal pain ceased to slightly unwell sensations that would occur only every once in a while, getting still less and less each day.

This went on until today, my 6th raw day, and I feel better still every day. The weight loss is advancing, getting rid of all the debris helps my being to unfold all its vital powers. There are time windows in which my energy is skyrocketing, I feel joy, intrinsic motivation and, just coming to me all naturally, an inner humility and grace for being here in this world. WOW!!!

I would like to thank you very much for helping me this Monday. Your support was the extra Motivation that I needed. Never thought there is such a big difference in leaving out the cooked meals – but there is. Yesterday, I even went for a slight run, 15 minutes.

I hope you are doing well, If I can support you in a way let me please know 😊

Cheerful regards,

Andi V., Munich, Germany (June, 2019)


Hi David,

I am feeling amazing on the Vegan Post-Healing Diet Plan!! I have been symptom-free off all medications for about a month now! I NEVER thought this was possible. I have my life back, am slowly regaining energy and introducing the healthful foods. Avocados have not been a problem in moderation. At this point I am all raw except for one portion of steamed potatoes at night.

Thank you so much for your time and support.

Joseph M., Los Angeles, California (May, 2019)


Today was first day with not a spot of blood. I feel amazing. Lots of energy. Saw Dr. 2 weeks ago and my blood work is perfect. Cholesterol down 40 points to a normal range. Staying on healing diet another few weeks. Giant thank you!!!!!! If ever I’m in the neighborhood I will visit! You are essential to the well-being of all of us diagnosed with Crohn’s and colitis. It’s so simple, the Vegan Healing Diet, but requires a strong mind. Grateful to you and yoga.

Bari C., New York (April, 2019) 🙏


Dear Dave,

I am so so so so so so happy i!!!!! Finally, after 14 years, I got rid of this terrible disease your vegan diet .now I have wonderful bowel movement that I haven’t for about 20-years. You did me a very very big favor!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how I thank you . You saved my life You got me back to the happiness and healthiness. you are a wonderful person!!!!!! I wish you tones of happiness, healthiness and success in your life. You are an angel!!!!!!!!!

Here is my testimonial:

In August 2017, I was so ill because of my severe colitis for about 14 years, By chance, I heard about Dr Klein’s book and immediately I called him on Skype. He was so kind and nice!!!!!!!! He was with me during the healing phase whenever I needed him. He is actually a nice and perfect man! The healing vegan diet I learned from him worked perfect!!!!!!! very well!!!!!!! After 6 months, my condition became stable with no pain, no blood and mucus and a completely natural, beautiful bowel movement and perfect health. I could not believe that without any drug, I got rid of this terrible disease. It seems like a miracle!!!!!!!!!!

Thank god for everything! Thanks David for his perfect guidance and kindness.

Dave has a great job; he is saving people’s lives,

Wish him lots of success and happiness in his life and recommend this natural vegan diet to everyone who is suffering from Crohn’s & colitis. This method actually work for all people, perfectly and beautifully.

Elham K., Iran (March, 2019)


Dear Dave,

I am healthy now without any pain, mucus and blood. I hope I don’t experience any major flare up in future. I am so happy! The Vegan Diet is working perfect!!!!!!!!

I have started the Post-Healing Diet but I am cautious. I am bringing post healing foods to my diet gradually.

Dave, I do not know how I thank you. You are doing a great great great job, be successful, you are a very nice person!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Elham K., Iran (February, 2019)


I bought and read your book Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s and it helped me to heal myself from ulcerative colitis fully. Thank you so much sharing your knowledge and experience.

Yesterday I had anniversary from the time I left hospital. So I decide to spread your book and knowledge. And also my story how I became healthy. I wrote my story on my Facebook wall and a lot of people asking me to recommend them something. I will contact all these peoples and share with them your pages so they can buy your book.

I also decided to post my story and my recommendation to Facebook Czech speaking groups which deal with UC/Crohn’s. Always I tried (in many FB groups) recommend the right way how to heal UC, recommending your book or I wrote I’m healed and propagate an idea that you can heal yourself from this diseases. Admin deleted my post or people told me I’m a liar. They fight for their disease, they do not believe in health. I would like to find some new way how to show people the truth and show them that they can be healthy. I’m really sad from this situation. If you have any idea how to fight this system of disinformation please let me know.

Much love,

-Boris Zimmermann, Czech Republic (September, 2018)


3 days feeling above normal and amazing! I can actually wake up without feeling like I’m almost dead and seriously sick. I just wanna cry in happiness❤️ I hope this will last forever! Thank you David for being such an amazing supportive and loving person. ❤️

-Linn H., Norway (August, 2018)


I was bedbound most of the time and severely ill for many years. Fruits saved my life, as Dr Klein taught me. Me and my son did pass the graduation for yellow belt and yellow stripe (under 12 years old) after few months training Makatokai karate. It’s weird to think that even a few steps to the toilet was a struggle not long ago.

Linn H., Norway (healed of IBS and myalgic encephalomyelitis, May, 2019)


Hi Dave,

As I am sitting here eating my non-GMO papaya. I wanted to just give you a quick update.

Life has been great! Healing has been amazing!!

Lot’s of amazing fruit and juices during the day and a big beautiful salad in the evening. I can feel my body getting cleaner and stronger every day! I am happier and have such a clear consciousness…I just feel elevated. I am getting sunshine & exercise almost everyday..

Recent blood work showed no inflammation, sugar levels perfect, even my DHA is great. My vitamin D great! It’s all good.

Dave I will forever be grateful for that day last year when I called you in so much pain and suffering. You picked up the phone and immediately gave me hope and guidance. You truly saved my life that day! It was so rough but you never lost faith in me or my healing ability. You were right. If I followed the Vegan Healing Diet Plan I would heal and I did.

Thank you for all you do Dave! I hope one day in the near future my husband and I make it out to Maui. I would love to meet and give you a big long overdue hug!!

With deepest gratitude always,

-Rochelle K., California (July, 2018)


Last year, over a six-month period, Dr. David Klein guided surgeon Richard D. Klein, MD (no relation) of Florida from ulcerative colitis to vibrant health with no more medications. Dr. Klein had been sick for three years and took several drugs, including an immunosuppressant. Here is what Dr. Klein wrote in an email on July 5th, 2018:

“All is good here. I am doing super well and have had no symptoms. I am still following your advice. Life is great. I can’t thank you enough for saving my life. I would be more than happy to talk to whomever you send my way. Please give them my contact info. I hope all is well with you. I’ll try to give you a call one of these days just to catch up. All the best.


-Richard D. Klein, M.D., Winter Park, Florida (July, 2018)


“I was very sick with colitis when you started working with me, Doc. I believe I was about 170 lbs. You told me during detox I’d probably lose a lot of toxic weight. It was a rocky road for me. I did lose a lot of weight, but even through all of that there was a calming peace that I had never felt before. It took me about a year before my body entered the anabolic state and began regaining weight. It was then that my health started to soar. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Dave! Just tonight before getting into bed, I thanked the good Lord over and over again for my new found health. It’s almost 8 years ago since I embarked on this journey. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!”

-William U., Pennsylvania (February, 2018)


“When suffering from devastating lupus disease for the past 5 years, I struggled to find relief from constant pain, digestive distress, and chronic inflammation. My future seemed dismal and I fell into such a deep state of depression with my failing health. That is, of course, until I found Dr. Dave Klein. After reading his books, and having individual phone/email consultations, I have finally been able to eat again without distress, and have been able to return to work with greater energy. My overall health has drastically improved, my inflammation has normalized, and my blood tests are continuing to improve the longer I am following Dr. Klein’s regime of raw fruits, juicing, and occasional cooked veggies. Words cannot express my gratitude for his wisdom, support, and guidance through a condition that I was sure would be a lifetime of pain and suffering. I have renewed strength, hope, and am living proof that his diet protocol indeed works! Thank you, Dr. Klein!”

-Tiffany K. California (February, 2018)


“Dear David,

I’m sure you won’t remember me amongst your many clients worldwide, but you guided me through a detox in 2009 following my first bout of ulcerative colitis which resulted in me being hospitalised for 2 weeks.

I followed the advice in your Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s book for a couple of years (I also took probiotics) and felt much better and then gradually went back to ‘normal’ eating habits, returning to your regime whenever my symptoms recurred.

I requested a colonoscopy last year following a bout of severe diarrhoea because I was worried about the potential long term effects of the colitis but I was delighted to hear from the doctor who performed the inspection that there were absolutely no signs of inflammation in my colon. In fact he said that if I hadn’t told him that I had had UC he would never have known.

I have absolutely no doubt that my complete healing is down to following your regime so strictly for those first two years, and I wanted to thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and experience.

With very best wishes,”

-Kath H., England (January, 2018)


“My name is Shahzil and I am 18 years old. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in July 2016. My Gastroenterologist told me and my parents that there was no cure and that I had to take immunosuppressant drugs for the rest of my life and possibly surgery down the road. My parents came across Dr. Dave’s book and it has changed my life. The change in diet was difficult to implement in the beginning but I have stuck with it for the last year and a half and my health is now better than it used to be before my diagnosis. I have gained weight and I feel great. Dr. Dave was always there to guide me on a weekly basis and his reassuring me that I will get well really helped me get through the toughest and scariest of times. After changing my diet, I have had about 6 blood tests done and every one of them show no inflammation. Prior to implementing the diet, my inflammation markers were extremely high. Thank you so much Dr. Dave for helping me get healthy again!”

-Shahzil L., Ontario, Canada (January, 2018)


“Dear Dave,
I wish you a richly blessed year!
We are very blessed since we know you! We are very happy today Dani measured the prostate marker, PSA, and it is 2.43 (normal value  under 4)!!!!!!! You remember that was high last year.
Thank you, Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You convinced us forever!!!!!!!!!!”
-Ana S., Dentist, Romania (January, 2018)

“Hope all is well with you and your family. I just wanted to write to you to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year. May it bring you loads and loads of happiness, laughter, peace and contentment. Thank you so very much for everything you have done for Shahzil and our family. We think of you and talk about you often. We will never ever forget you. We are so blessed that Shahzil is healthy today thanks to you and your book and advise. He is now in first year University.

Thank you so very much once again. There are really no words that can express our gratitude to you. You will always be in our heart and prayers.”

-Nairoz L., Ontario, Canada (January, 2018)