Dr. David Klein has helped 1000s by Skype, phone & email heal Ulcerative Coiitis, Crohn's & IBS via his medically-endorsed, natural Vegan Healing Diet Plan.

Patient Testimonials

“It has been almost one year since we first had our consultation regarding my bout with bleeding Crohn’s disease. I now look back at that dark time in amazement. The pain, the dozens of pills, the confusion, the suffering and the darkness of not being able to tell if I would ever feel well without horrible medications or, even worse, surgical procedures were huge and looming over my life. I sometimes wonder how I struggled through it all. I want to tell you that the day my mother ordered your book and the day I met with you were probably some of the most significant times in my life. Enlightenment sometimes comes at a price; but indeed, it was well worth it.

Since I met you I gave up all pills and medications. In the first month of going in the healing diet I lost 25 pounds. That was tough, because I was still in law school; detoxifying on the lighter diet made it difficult to focus. I struggled with the new diet, yet eventually came to love it. The freshness and crispness of the fresh, ripe fruits, my increased energy and the absence of any pain were amazing. ‘My natural diet’ works, just as you said it would!

I saw a specialist in San Francisco in May. He was disturbed when I told him how much better I felt after my adopting the new diet. Looking perturbed, he gave me a lecture, which I had been given many times before, to this effect: “You have a disease. You may be ok now, but you will need medicine sometime later. Diet does nothing.” That was the last time I went to a doctor for any sort of routine advice. They can offer me only two things: medicine or surgery. But health…that’s an elusive one.

I got a second colonoscopy in August of this year and the doctor said everything looked ‘good.’ I wanted an extensive report, but no one from his office called me. That’s how much care the medical establishment gives us. They have time to send me a bill but not to give me the results of a biopsy or even five minutes of phone time to tell me what they saw. I get more attention from my car mechanic! By now, I’m pretty sure the doctor doesn’t even remember me. But, it doesn’t matter—I FEEL GREAT!

I never take it for granted that I can actually feel good after eating, and I owe it all to you, your book and Natural Hygiene. I also thank you for meeting with my parents and allaying their concerns.

You are a healer, and I hope people know how important it is that you are there to offer a different alternative to the medicine-and-surgery route. I thank God you were there to offer your experience and wisdom.

You are doing great work—you are spreading the light of wisdom into the world. Your suffering and healing made my wellness possible, and that of many others, and I thank you for that.”

-Andrzej B., Forestville, California (2009)


“I am now completely healthy and living an utmost blissful life. I am writing this with a huge smile on my face and my love is overflowing. I am right now feeling a sudden outburst of emotions and gratitude for you. Your book is a masterpiece and the most righteous blueprint for achieving bountiful vibrant health. I hope to see you in future and express my thanks to you. Thanks for the wonderful work, Dave!”

-Manish J., Texas (2009)


“I have been living with Crohn’s for over 15 years since my late teens. In February of this year I had my first colonoscopy in over ten years. In March I received the results. My gastroenterologist said he didn’t understand how I looked so healthy. He told me that my small intestine was so severely inflamed and ulcerated that he could not complete the exam. He also said I should be anemic and vomiting every time I ate. I had learned to deal with my pain and discomfort by staying present most of the time and always being aware of the location of the nearest toilet.

I was booked for a CT scan to get a better picture of the extent of my disease. Then a friend gave me a copy of your book and I started your diet the following day. The symptoms persisted during the first three weeks of adjustment; however, I stuck with it. By the fourth week my symptoms were easing. In the sixth week my bowel movements became normal and have continued this way.

Four weeks after starting the healing diet I had the CT scan. Reviewing the report, my gastroenterologist said he didn’t understand—my bowel looked really good and the inflammation was almost gone! He was somewhat supportive but worried about my weight loss from the detox. I told him how amazing I feel and how my energy level is great.

No bleeding! No cramping! No bloating! No pain! No mucus! I am convinced that the disease is gone.

I can not say thank you enough. You have truly changed my life. My wife thanks you as well.”

-Rodney D., Vancouver, Canada (2009)


“My son Byron (who in 2006 at age 17 was diagnosed with Crohn’s) recently confided in me that one year ago he wanted to commit suicide. At that time he was confined to bed with painful fissures, anal tears, mouth ulcers, stomach cramps, diarrhea, bowel incontinence, hot and cold sweats and a host of other miserable complaints. He had endured months of illness and hospitalization and, despite drug treatments, he was not improving.

Then your Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s book arrived. He began the diet immediately and within three days the fissure pain was gone and he was up and moving around. We have since proved every single word of your book to be true. Byron’s recovery went exactly as you described it would. He followed the steps carefully, reducing the drugs.

We know your work has saved Byron from a life of hell. Today, one year after receiving your book, he is entirely drug-and-symptom-free. His weight has increased from 45 kg to 62 kg. He is an active young man who looks and feels great. I am also very happy to report that he now has a vegan girlfriend.

Byron lives by the Vegan Post-healing Diet and finds it easy to stick with. We spend far less time on food preparation than we did before, and we now spend absolutely no money on drugs, supplements or medical consultations.

When the doctor recently labeled Byron’s excellent condition ‘clinical remission,’ we confidently told him this will continue for about another 75 years!

Byron and I believe you have provided him with the ‘cure.’ Over the six months prior to receiving your book, his medical treatments cost approximately AUS$15,000. Your regimen cost us only the price of the book and one in-person consultation fee when I was fortuitously able to meet with you in California last year.

We thank you for so much. Please add Byron’s story to your list of testimonials. I am happy to have my e-mail address posted on your website for those who read your ‘Are You Skeptical’ section, and I will be pleased to share our story.”

-Julie Smith, Australia (2008)


“I wanted to let you know how well things are going for me. I had consulted with you a few times this past winter. I’m not sure exactly what has happened within my body over these months, but it’s been miraculous and I credit you and your writing for much of it!

For months I had struggled to implement the healing diet. I slowly switched to an all-organic diet and made some progress, but I was still eating grains and a lot of poor food combinations. A few weeks after I entirely cut out grains, I noticed, incredibly, that I was no longer craving them—or anything unhealthy—anymore! My cravings virtually disappeared and my colitis symptoms started to subside as well.

About two months ago when I was still not feeling completely well and was experiencing digestive symptoms, I lost my appetite and simply stopped eating. I fasted for about five days on just water and my energy, vitally and mental clarity absolutely soared! I had fasted many times before but had never experienced this effect. What’s even more interesting is that when I did finally decide to eat again, I only wanted one thing: raw fruit!

Of all the benefits I’ve received, the lack of food cravings astounds me most. I have literally forgotten what it even feels like to want and crave unhealthy food!

Thank you for all your writings and hard work. You led me from a very dark place into the light.”

-Adam F., Connecticut (2008)


“Thank you so much for your excellent book. I’m going to call it my Bible! It’s been two months since I last spoke with you and I want to let you know the diet has helped tremendously. I had a colonoscopy last month and I cannot believe the pictures of the lower colon—it healed beautifully!

I have been recommending your book to lots of people and doctors as well.”

-Clarey G., California (2008)


“I am writing to thank you and express the joy that your Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s book has brought back into my life. I had suffered from ulcerative colitis since 1996 with several hospital stints and dark periods of illness. When I came across your book on the Internet 18 months ago I implemented the plan partially and noticed a marked improvement in my overall health. Three months ago I decided to fully comply with the plan and now I enjoy full health and happiness.

I find the subject of raw food nutrition to be so fascinating that I am considering changing my career into that field. Western medicine needs to wake up to these fundamental truths.”

-Allan C., Ireland (2008)


“I can’t thank you enough Dave for all that you have done for me. You have shown me the simple truth. The world is truly blessed to have you as a teacher of Natural Hygiene. Thanks so much Dave! Take care, mate!”

-Ryan Pate, Sidney, Australia (2007)


“I’m John, from Tulsa, who left a couple of testimonials on your website back in 2000 about the success I experienced after our phone consultation and following your general recommendations for my recently diagnosed, chronic UC condition.

I’m happy to report I’m still UC symptom-free! In fact, a person just contacted me yesterday asking me questions about how I found success and I pointed them to your website— just as I’ve done before when people ask the same.

So, I just wanted to say THANK YOU once again and that your advice certainly isn’t a quick-fix treatment or something that doesn’t last. I’m a walking, breathing testimony to that!”

-John O., Tulsa, Oklahoma (2007) 


“It will be three years in May since I first contacted you. I was having upsetting digestive problems and had a colonoscopy that showed the beginnings of colitis and Crohn’s disease. I purchased your book, we had a long consultation, and I switched to vegetarianism. Although I have somewhat modified the program over the years, not a day goes by that I don’t have at least eight to ten fresh fruits plus veggies. I have canceled all meat, fish and poultry from my diet.

I recently had my annual physical examination with my doctor. He wanted me to have a colonoscopy. I hadn’t had one in three years and was curious to see what it would show. Thank G-d, it was excellent! Now I am 58 years old, and no signs of any Crohn’s disease, colitis, diverticulitis or polyps!

This diet has transformed my whole life. Your wisdom that you share with others makes you a true miracle worker. Thank you so much and G-d bless you for your teachings and the wonderful work you do to help others.”

-Jacqueline K., Los Angeles, California (2007)


“I completely healed myself from colitis on your diet program. Your work on nutrition has saved my life and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have now left behind a terrible life and started to live with laws of nature. Thank you so much!

I was diagnosed with colitis in March, 2005. I actually was sick from October, 2004, but I did not see a gastroenterologist for a proper diagnosis until my condition became severe. In March, after a colonoscopy and biopsy of a colon tissue, the doctor confirmed moderate ulcerative colitis in rectal and sigmoid area. When he told me that I would have to live on medicine the rest of my life, an image of a handicapped and crippled life loomed over me and I cannot tell in words how depressed I was for many months, especially at my young age (24 years). I was making good progress in my career, but all my dreams came to a sudden halt. I cried at night back then.

In my continuous search on the Internet for a colitis cure, I found a natural diet program book which gave some direction about improving the diet. However, it included blended peanuts and other nuts and rough fiber which caused even more severe bleeding. In January, 2006 I read your book and went on an all-juice diet for almost 40 days while taking a thorough rest (mostly in bed) and I healed completely.

“But right after my healing, my cravings were tremendous for eating my old favorite foods, so I bought a fancy raw food recipe book. I made so many recipes for the next three months and ate so much that I undermined the healing. Most of the entrées included a large amount of nuts and seeds. Then my friend invited me to her graduation party at an Italian restaurant where I ate lot of bad food. On that day I began to see the colitis symptoms again.

At that point I stopped eating anything bad and restarted the juice diet and reread your book over and over. I began to understand the power of fruits and the damage that cooked protein will cause. In two months I became completely symptom-free.

Now, I eat very simply. I have eaten 390 bananas since June. I am going to eat three bananas for lunch for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much. I’m enjoying a wonderful life now. Colitis troubled me so much, but it taught me a big lesson I needed to learn. I would like to thank you in person some time.”

-Manish Kumar Jain,
Department of Chemical Engineering,
University of Houston, Houston, Texas (2006)


“I send people to your website. I hope they have the discipline and wisdom to follow through. I’m feeling great with no problems at all since 2000 after following your program. Colitis was a godsend to get me into a new way of life. And you were there at the time I needed you and I will always be grateful. The Vegan Healing Diet (along with playing blues guitar) is the best way I know of for feeling great! Here’s a poem I wrote:
Ode to David

I once had colitis
so the doctor gave me pills
he said: “son, now you take these
for all your pains and ills”
So I took those little red things.
they didn’t do a lot
except make me even sicker
and tied my stomach in a knot!
I said: “Doc you must be kidding—
surely there’s a cure”
he said: “no, son, I’m truly sorry”
then he gave me more!
Then I found this guy named David Klein
I heard what he had to say
and threw away those little red pills
and have been a new man since that day!”

-Ralph Acerno, River Edge, New Jersey (2006)


“I bought Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s last November and found it to be what I was looking for over the last 12 years. It basically kept me away from a colostomy. For the past 12 years, I have gone through very difficult times with ulcerative colitis and was under a lot of pressure from my GI doctor and surgeon to have a colostomy. Thank God I was able to resist. After applying the healing plan in the book I am much better and currently leading almost a normal life. I appreciate your help Dave—you have shown me how to deal with this monstrous disease.”

-Abu M., Saudi Arabia (2006)


“I ordered your book and will be calling you in a week or so. I went to a Colitis and Crohn’s Foundation of America support group this evening and ran into a woman on your diet. She was very happy and I was glad to see living proof that this program works.”

-Verneta G., Los Angeles, California (2005)


“Your program has been a Godsend for me. I haven’t taken any meds in years after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. As long as I stay on your program I continue to get better. I encourage anybody suffering with ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s to try your program. It works! Thanks again for all your great work.”

-Dan H., Newton, Massachusetts (2005)


“I went to a nutritionist in Manchester who referred me to David Klein’s web site. I purchased his book Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s and followed the diet as best I could. Within four days, I was jumping around for joy—I was finally back to normal: no cramps, diarrhea or blood. I felt the life flowing back into me. I just couldn’t believe how good I felt—I wanted to go straight to David Klein’s house and give him a huge hug!

Since I started the diet in June, I have had absolutely no pains or signs that they would return. I still follow the diet, but have added a few things now and again to keep me happy! I am not on any drugs as I feel it is wrong to keep taking drugs for life. It really is a healthy and fulfilling diet and lifestyle, and it’s not hard to follow and well worth it.”


“I contacted you from a hospital in Orange County in October and November, 2000. I was suffering from acute ulcerative colitis. I was down from my ideal weight of 175 pounds to 130 pounds. The doctors were strongly advising me to have my colon surgically removed. I thought that was a little drastic so I asked my sisters, Cathy and Dian, to check on wholistic approaches to the disease and they put me in touch with you.

As a result of your advice and a lot of independent reading and study of my own, I went on an all-vegetable juice and fruit smoothie diet for about 2 months. Then I gradually started adding back solid foods starting with soft non-acidic fruits. I also gradually weaned myself from all of the drugs the doctors had me on. You were absolutely right in that I did not really start recovering until I stopped taking all the drugs. By January of 2001 I was feeling much better and I was well on my way to recovery.

“Now, a year later, I am back to my original 175 pounds and I am partaking in all the activities that I love like snow skiing, bicycling, hiking, etc. From your advice and the assistance of my sisters, I survived my stay in the hospital and I am pretty much back to normal now. The only real difference in my life is that I am now a vegetarian, although not a perfectly strict one. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and encourage you to keep up the good work. By the way, if anyone ever requests to talk to one of the people you have helped with colitis, I will be glad to do so.”

-David L., Los Angeles, California (2002)


“I just got my last blood test results and they are nearly back to normal. The specialist still says I am very lucky to be alive as he thought my bowel was about to perforate around last Christmas. I will never forget e-mailing you the day after Christmas absolutely distraught because the bleeding had become severe, pouring out of me. I was in severe pain, not able to sit up, and very weak. I am eternally grateful that I did not take the Prednisone and immediately went on your diet. When feeling fragile and scared it helped me tremendously that you were able to strongly support my decisions. I am now better and eating fruits and vegetables. I know I will have to be very careful about what I do eat. I am grateful for your book and thank you once again. I truly believe and know you have saved my life.”

-Shona C., Auckland, New Zealand (2002)


“I want to say you are a huge inspiration in my life, and your books and web sites have been amazingly helpful. Your magazine Living Nutrition magazine is AMAZING, and I just recently purchased all the back issues. I could continue the praise, but I know you are busy. I am a 26-year-old medical doctor (graduated last year), and I had to quit my family practice residency because of Crohn’s disease. I got no relief from anywhere except your methods. Thank You, you are truly a saint!!”

-Mike Aquilina, M.D., Easton, Maryland, (2002)


“It was very upsetting to be told that our twelve-year old son had an ‘incurable’ disease, but Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s offered us a ray of hope. Straight after the colonoscopy we started the natural diet. After four days Jacob called us to the loo in great excitement to see formed stools for the first time since his problems began two months ago! After a week of further celebration, no blood! Today the gastroenterologist reduced me to tears. She became really angry when I told her about the diet and said that in her 35 years of experience none of her patients had ever been “cured” by diet and those who had tried had suffered more in the long run. It’s doubly difficult to defy the medical profession as a parent because you are accused of being irresponsible to your child’s detriment. How I hope we can prove them wrong!”

-Deborah D., Caesaria, Israel (2001)


“We would never be able to thank you enough! It is now six months and Jacob has continued to be entirely healthy and symptom-free from Crohn’s. It is amazing how he has turned his diet around completely and found that he really enjoys healthful food and does not crave animal products. Jacob was a sworn avocado hater, but you suggested he mash avocado into potato which he did and liked, and gradually avocado became one of his favorite foods. He has even invented his own pasta sauce with avocado and fresh tomatoes, and it is delicious! I have written to my doctor and hospital telling them of our success. I hope they take notice. Thank you so much; your advice was a lifeline and your telephone consultations helped us so much at the beginning. You saved Jacob, now age 13, from a life of medication and operations and you are brilliant! If you ever decide to visit this country again you must come and visit us.”

Deborah D., Caesaria, Israel (2001)


“We just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your work. Our daughter Caroline, age 13, is completely off all drugs and has not had a flare-up in six months. Your research and lifetime commitment have allowed our daughter to have a normal adolescence free of drugs. Thank God for people like you who dare to question the medical establishment. Keep up the good work.”

-Tony and Laura F., Lexington, Kentucky (2001)


“Thank you for returning my call. I must say I was very impressed that you called. I received your book, and what an eye opener it has been for me. I‘ve stopped eating all meat products and I’m amazed that I don’t even have a craving for them. My diet consists primarily of vegetables and fruits. I wanted to let you know that I haven’t had one bout of diarrhea in over a week. All I can say is, “Yippee, Hooray” and all that good stuff! I mean this sincerely, because I have experienced diarrhea almost every day for a year. My husband has noticed that I have more energy, and even my skin tone has improved. All of this in just one week. I also realize that I still have work to do in order to continue the healing process, but in just one week I am feeling much better. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and outstanding knowledge so that others might experience optimum health and happiness. Your Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s book should be on every best sellers list.”

-Cindy G., Las Vegas, Nevada (2001)


“I began the new health program with hopes that this would cure my 3-year Crohn’s illness and fistulas, or at least make my life a lot better. I noticed a major difference on Day 3, when my cramps, mouth ulcers and pimples began disappearing and my stools became smaller and very easy to pass. Having a bowel movement had become pleasurable at last! In just 3 days the blood discharge had reduced from a great amount to a trickle, and most of the pain had subsided. My energy level became good as the program apparently started to work. The bleeding further diminished within a week, then for the next 7 days I had no symptoms at all: no bleeding, cramping and no large stools.”

-Ryan Pate, Sidney, Australia (2001)


“The last time we spoke you had called me on the phone and I had just come out of the hospital, back in November. It’s been one heck of a ride since then. I won’t explain every detail here, but I am doing fantastically now. My mental and physical energies are higher than they were before the colitis started, and my emotions have become more stable as I have begun to take an observational attitude towards all three aspects of my personality. Now the great news: I am currently on the verge of attaining super-health. The wisdom and strength that I have gained and received from traversing this path are enormous. The difference between ‘hearing about,’ ‘reading about,’ ‘intelligently being aware of’ and really KNOWING on a cellular level what the Truth is about is awesome. My overall gratitude and appreciation for the loving work that you and others have done only increases.”

-Jason Hebert, Marshfield, Massachusetts (2000)


“I had to let you know that the information you sent me two weeks ago, Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s, has been nothing short of lifesaving and inspirational! I’m just presently healing from a severe case of colitis. I’ve been on all the drugs, asacol, prednisone, sulfa, and all they did was cause more problems. This has been the most devastating thing that has ever happened to me, I thought I would certainly die from it. I found the information you sent me to be the most valuable and detailed to date. I re-read the material every day to give me hope and guidance and have incorporated many of your ideas into my diet. So, thanks again for all the wonderful information, positive outlook and support. I know I wouldn’t be this far along without your advice!”

-Gary A., Alta Loma, California (2000)


“Okay Dave, this is something. Today for the first time in nearly three months I’ve started to have formed stools with very little blood—this after only a day and a half on your diet plan! To say I’m encouraged by this is an understatement. To say I’m a little skeptical about the long term results because of the nature of this disease would be an honest observation. But I’m the eternal optimist so I’m going to continue doing as you directed and see what happens, expecting continued improvement in my colon and overall health. Thank you so much for sharing what you have learned.”
-John O., Tulsa, Oklahoma (2000) 


“Today I am in better health than ever! My healing has led me to become a natural health educator and author. I have referred many people to David and have learned that the ones who use this approach heal up every time.”

-Paul Nison, Brooklyn, New York (2000)


“The diet is going well! I’m really starting to feel great! A week ago over Christmas at home I really didn’t feel like doing very much except lying around the house. Can you believe this morning I was out in 25 degree weather riding three miles on my mountain bike! And remember how I missed the ski trip to Aspen because I was feeling pretty poor and low on energy? Well, this weekend we’re headed to Vermont to ski Stratton. I couldn’t be happier—skiing is my TRUE passion! Things are only going to get better.

I also wanted to let you know that on Monday I went in for a colonoscopy (at my request, not the doctor’s) because I WANTED TO SEE what was going on inside MY body. I was tired of just getting the flexible sigmoidoscope done in the office and then having them explain to me what THEY saw. I needed to know and see for myself! Guess what? My colon is totally NORMAL—NO INFLAMMATION, NO ULCERATIONS AND NO CONSTRICTIONS. My doctor was completely thrilled. Now she said we just have to get my head clear from all the medicines. I’m down to 10 mg. on the prednisone and tomorrow I go to 7.5 mg. It won’t be long until I’m totally off the stuff. I can’t wait!”

-Krist D., Cos Cob, Connecticut (1999)


“After having a biopsy in April 1999, I was told I had ulcerative colitis. This was no surprise as I’d had minor symptoms (bleeding) for a couple of years and my uncle and 2 cousins also have the illness. I was given suppositories which cleared it up, but over the summer I started feeling very fatigued and lethargic. I was getting almost constant gut pain (especially when I ate) and had no energy to do anything. I’d already got into juicing, which had started to give me more energy. After studying Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s, I realized that it wasn’t just juicing that would make me better—I basically needed to embrace the whole package. I have gradually done this and can honestly say I feel fantastic for it. I found David’s information on food and eating particularly useful and as soon as I applied the techniques, any gastric distress after meals completely stopped. It’s as simple as that.

Rather than telling you that you’ve got a terrible illness and trying to show you how to live with it, David’s approach looks at the causes of colitis and Crohn’s, and shows you how to eliminate them. There’s therefore no breeding ground for the disease to occur. I would recommend Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s to anyone and think the medical profession should be ashamed of itself for not adopting it.”

-Nick Ledger, York, England (1999)


“All is going well right now. I am back to work and living a normal life. I am not on any medicines. I am not fully keeping up with the diet, but I am changing slowly. I eat fruits and vegetables 500 times more than I ever did. I bought a juicer and I do that as much as I can. But I still eat ‘bad’ things more than I should. I am happy though and feel a lot better.”

– Chad L., Germantown, Maryland (1999)


“I stuck to your program and it worked just as I always knew it would. I am not taking any of my old medications such as 6MP or Azulfadine any more!!! I did have a very tough 1-2 months back in September, but I toughed it out and sure enough I was okay. Believe me, I would have never thought that I would ever be off all medications again, had it not been for your books. I cannot thank you enough. If I ever go out to California again, I would like to meet with you to personally thank you. You have led me back to a health I thought I had lost for good. I am getting the “old me” back.”

-Gregory C., Nanuet, New York (1998)


“I have Ileitis. I was diagnosed about 4 months ago. I feel like I want to die. I am on prednisone and azulfadine and I am getting worse. This is ruining my life. I’ve eaten terrible food my entire life and I am willing to try anything to be normal again. I hope this really works.”

-Chad L., Germantown, Maryland (1998)


“Since I changed to a natural diet as suggested by David, I am convinced that my body is totally free of colitis. I feel great and have more energy than I know!”

-Paul Nison, Brooklyn, New York (1997)