Dr. David Klein has helped 1000s by Skype, phone & email heal Ulcerative Coiitis, Crohn's & IBS via his medically-endorsed, natural Vegan Healing Diet Plan.


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What causes IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)?

IBDs are conditions caused by malnutrition (biologically and physiologically incompatible, low-digestible, nutrient-deficient, toxic diet), and toxicosis (critical, life-threatening, systemic overload of toxins). The body enacts inflammation as a purification measure to neutralize toxins/poisons and facilitate their elimination for restoring health.

Why do some people get IBD while others do not?

This is explained in detail in Dr. David Klein’s free report, The 17 Dietary Causes of Colitis & Crohn’s & the Reasons Why Some Get IBD & Others Don’t. In a nutshell, almost everyone does the same thing that causes 99% of all cases of IBD: eating an unnatural, toxifying diet. Those who do not eliminate toxins well tend to develop a life-threatening, critical overload of toxins that forces the body to conduct some form of elimination/healing crisis – and that might manifest as IBD, whereby the body is taking extraordinary measures to eliminate toxins in the bowel via diarrhea and toxins in the bloodstream via bleeding through the bowel wall. To get the free report click here: Subscribe

Who is Dr. David Klein?

Dr. David Klein is a Naturorthopathic Doctor and author of the bestseller, Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s. He is an internationally acclaimed healing guide who has helped over 5,000 clients heal IBD – more than anyone else in history – with a 99.9% success rate since 1993 via his Vegan Healing Diet Plan™. Five of his healed clients are medical doctors. He healed his own 8-year bout of severe ulcerative colitis in 4 glorious weeks in 1984 via the Vegan Healing Diet Plan, after 7 gastroenterologists had failed to help him,  and each had told him that diet was not a factor in his disease, and the last one recommended a colectomy. His full biography is here: Dr. David Klein

Is Dr. David Klein a medical doctor?

No. Dr. David Klein does not practice medicine in any way. He does not diagnose, or treat disease, or prescribe drugs or herbs. He educates, advises and guides clients in making natural health-promoting changes to heal naturally via their own inherent powers.

What does a Naturorthopathic Doctor do?

A Naturorthopathic Doctor uses knowledge of human biology and physiology and the science of health (hygiene, or Natural Hygiene) to educate, empower and guide clients to heal disease conditions and establish vibrant health. “Orthopathic” means “correct pathology.” Naturorthopathic Doctors recognize that disease symptoms (pathology) are correct expressions of self-healing conducted by the body, and they should not be suppressed (or “treated”), because suppressing symptoms suppresses healing. Health restoration is accomplished by the body’s inherent self-purifying, self-repairing, self-constructing, and self-rejuvenating powers. This requires identifying and discontinuing the causes of disease and implementing healthful practices – for IBD, this primarily entails a specialized version of our natural biological diet (the Vegan Healing Diet), and copious rest and sleep. This enables the elimination/detoxification of disease-causing toxins  and allows the body to focus its energies on repairs and rejuvenation.

Where is the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center located?

The Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center office is located near Paia, Maui, Hawaii, USA. It is a counseling center, not a residential center. If needed, Dr. David Klein can recommend a residential center where the doctors are in alignment with the Vegan Healing Diet Plan.

How does Dr. David Klein help his clients?

Dr. David Klein empowers his clients to heal via education, personalized guidance, and friendly positive support. The majority of the counseling usually involves guiding clients in the proper implementation of the Vegan Healing Diet Plan, answering questions, and providing assurance. It is essential to apply the diet correctly per the guidelines written in Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s. Otherwise, haphazard eating of any foods, or the incorrect application of the Vegan Healing Diet Plan, will perpetuate IBD. It is not necessary to visit the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center office – Dr. David Klein helps the majority of his clients by phone, Skype and email on a daily basis. Clients must study Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s, commit to applying the Vegan Healing Diet Plan, and submit a Health Survey. For more information, see: Counseling

Why does Dr. David Klein have 99.9% success in helping his clients heal IBS and IBS?

Because he understands the biological, physiological, emotional, psychological and spiritual mechanics and nature of IBD causation, and the requisites of self-healing, and his enormous wealth of personal and client healing experience has given him rare insights into health restoration. He loves creating partnerships to help everyone regain their health and create a vibrant, happy, disease-free life.

What bowel disease conditions has Dr. David Klein helped clients heal via the Vegan Healing Diet Plan?

Abscesses, Adhesions, B12 Malabsorption, Belching, Bleeding, Blockages, Bowel Atrophy, Bowel Odors, Cancer, Candida, Celiac Disease, Cholesystitis, Colic, Colitis, Collagenous Colitis, Constipation, Cramps, Crohn’s Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Diarrhea, Digestive Enzyme Under-secretion, Diverticulitis, Duodenal Ulcers, Dyspepsia, Esophagitis, Fissures, Flatulence, Flora Imbalances, Gallstones, Gas, Gastric Ulcers, Gastritis, Gastroesophogeal Reflux (GERD), Gastroparesis, Halitosis, Heartburn, Hemorrhoids, Hepatitis, Hernia, Hiatal Hernia, Hyperacidity, Ileocolitis, Ileitis, Incontinence, Indigestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Liver Enzyme Disorders, Lymphocytic Colitis, Malabsorption, Microscopic Colitis, Pancolitis, Pancreatitis, Parasites, Peptic Ulcers, Peristaltic Dysfunction, Peritonitis, Polyps, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC), Proctitis, Prolapsed Colon, Rapid Gastric Emptying, Septic Bowel, Spastic Colon, Strictures, Ulcerative Colitis, Vomiting

How do I contact Dr. David Klein?

Contact details for Dr. David Klein are here:

How long does it take for Dr. David Klein to respond?

Dr. David Klein usually responds the same day, 7 days each week.

What are Dr. David Klein’s phone and Skype hours?

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Hawaii Standard Time.

Does the Vegan Healing Diet Plan include any antagonistic, hard, rough, difficult-to-digest, irritating cooked or raw foods?


Does the Vegan Healing Diet Plan include cooked food?

Yes – steamed sweet potatoes, squashes and certain vegetables, if desired.

Are the Vegan Healing Diet and the Vegan Post-Healing Diet satisfying?

Yes – eating enough of the foods on the Vegan Healing Diet Plan that one finds to be most enjoyable fully satisfies the appetite and provides superior nutrition. This revelation is always a wonderful catalyst to healing and rejuvenation.

Why is the program based on a vegan diet?

The Vegan Healing Diet Plan is physiologically correct – it is humans’ natural biological and, therefore, optimum, diet. It is alkalizing, non-allergenic, non-toxic, easily digested, gentle, harmonizing, naturally delicious, satisfying, virtually nutritionally complete, rejuvenative and sustaining. All other diets are acidifying and toxifying, exacerbating IBD. Healing is most efficient on the Vegan Healing Diet Plan. All animal-derived foods are inflammatory, acidifying and poorly tolerated.

Is the Vegan Healing Diet Plan diet right for everyone?

Yes. When applied properly, everybody will heal and begin rejuvenating on it.

Is the Vegan Healing Diet Plan part of a new fad?

No. Healing via a vegan diet has been taught by some educators and doctors for over 200 years. Dr. David Klein learned it in 1984 and has been teaching it professionally since 1993. The recent vegan diet trend is a long-overdue blessing to humanity.

What does meat do in the bowel?

It is impossible to completely digest meat. A large fraction of meat decomposes/rots/putrefies in the bowel, poisoning the entire body (this condition is called “toxicosis”) via the generation of a host of destructive  poisons. People with IBD are allergic to animal proteins – they trigger an allergenic inflammation response. Furthermore, the cooking of meat destroys most protein, and toxifying, irritating, inflammatory carcinogens are created in the process. The same results occur with eggs, milk and cheese. Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s goes into great detail about all of this and more.

Do the Vegan Healing Diet foods heal the body?

Food does not heal (nor do drugs). All healing – the regeneration of cells and repair of tissues – is directed by our genes and accomplished by the body. Nothing but the body can heal itself. Quality nutrients from the foods of our natural biological diet promote cellular regeneration, healing, repairs and rejuvenation best.

Is the Vegan Healing Diet nutritionally sufficient for healing IBD?

In 99.9% of all cases, yes, the Vegan Healing Diet promotes the complete healing of IBD (and most other disease conditions). The Vegan Healing Diet is more nutritious than the diet that IBD suffers consume. In cases of critical nutritional deficiencies, food-based supplementation and/or medical intervention might be required on a temporary basis while one consumes the Vegan Healing Diet.

Where do I find the Vegan Healing Diet Plan?

In Section 5 of the Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s book, and in Dr. David Klein’s Vegan Healing Diet Program ebooks.

Where do I find Dr. David Klein’s Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s paperback and ebook?

The Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s paperback is sold at Dr. David Klein’s Vibrant Health Store:
Self Healing Colitis and Crohns paperback by Dr. David Klein

The Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s ebook is also sold at Dr. David Klein’s Vibrant Health Store:
Self Healing Colitis and Crohns e-book by Dr. David Klein

The paperback is also sold at Amazon.com.

The ebook is also sold at Amazon’s Kindle eBooks store.

When was Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s written?

It began as a report in 1993. The first paperback edition was published in 2003. The fourth edition is the latest and recommended edition – it was published in 2014.

How many copies of Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s have been sold?

Approximately 50,000.

Is Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s medically endorsed?

Yes, by 5 medical doctors.

In what languages is Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s available?

Only English at this time.

In what languages are by Dr. David Klein’s Vegan Healing Diet Program ebook available?

In Arabic, Czech, Farsi, German, Portuguese, Slovenian, and Spanish.

Where do I find the the Vegan Healing Diet Program ebooks?

Some are sold at Amazon’s Kindle eBook store, and all are sold at sold at Dr. David Klein’s Vibrant Health Store: Healing

Why does Dr. David Klein’s Vegan Post-Healing Diet Plan prevent further bowel and digestive problems and flare-ups?

Because it is essentially the diet we were designed to function best on, it promotes 100% detoxification and bodily purity which is necessary for lasting healing, it is alkalizing and non-toxic, and it provides superior nutrition and digestibility.

Where do I find the the Vegan Post-Healing Diet?

In Section 6 of Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s, and in the Vegan Healing Diet Program ebooks.

How has Dr. Klein maintained perfect, disease-free colon health for 36-plus years, after 8 years of severe ulcerative colitis?

By staying on the Vegan Post-Healing Diet Plan, constantly learning about the finer points of true mind-body-spiritual health, developing his intuition and awareness, keeping physically fit, minimizing stress, engaging in enjoyable activities, and loving life.

Why is the Vegan Healing Diet Plan not known to the medical industry?

Because conventional medical people don’t look for it and have shown no interest – they are only interested in medical techniques that treat disease symptoms, with no correct understanding of disease causation, nutrition and natural healing.

How long does it take to heal?

This depends on many factors – generally, 4 to 8 weeks. In cases of extreme toxicosis, physical degeneration and/or drug damage, it can take several months…but the reasons to stop poisoning and begin detoxifying and nourishing your body now are overwhelmingly right.

Is self-healing for everybody?

Yes! Nothing can heal the body but the body itself. The symptoms of IBD are signs that the body is working feverishly at accomplishing detoxification and healing…and it will, if the causes of disease are discontinued and a specialized and personalized natural healing program is implemented. For IBD, Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s has the best program for this. It only makes perfect sense to align with Nature and rely on the body’s magnificent self-healing powers. A body with IBD is desperately trying to heal – via the proper implementation of the Vegan Healing Diet Plan and plenty of rest and sleep, it will. Dr. David Klein is happy to help.