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by Dr. David Klein

The medical world has pulled the wool over the public’s eyes, insisting that the cause and “cure” for IBD are not known.

FALSE! Don’t fall for that ignorance!

Do you see that the root of the word “ignorance” is “ignore”? Yes—the TRUTH is being ignored.

The ancient yogis of India knew over 5,000 years ago that disease stems from a toxic body, and they taught internal purification practices for healing and health maintenance.

An ancient Chinese idiom goes: “disease enters through the mouth.” Just think about what today’s hospital dietitians are doing. Last week a hospitalized client of mine with severe ulcerative colitis was given meals of meat broth, refined rice, yogurt and Jello. The immunosuppressant he is on would not only suppress his symptoms but would enable him to somewhat tolerate those poisons, all the while damaging every cell in his body. (He refused the meals and cannot wait to go home and begin the Vegan Healing Diet Plan.)

As revealed in The Essene Gospel of Peace, Jesus taught sickly people to clean out their meat-defiled bowels by fasting. Although he was well-known as a great healer, his methods were not entirely exposed in most scriptures.

In the 1880s there were “water cure” hydrotherapy spas all over Europe and the USA. All of those in the USA were shut down when Big Medicine & Big Pharma took over in the early 1900s.

I own 18 books on water fasting written by 17 different authors of the 20th century. I also own many of Dr. Shelton’s 40 books on how to heal the body via proper diet and fasting. His work saved my life. All of this is ignored by Big Medicine.

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton wrote an article titled “Colitis” in one of his Hygienic Review magazines in 1940 (see above image). His protégé, Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano, produced the Hygienic Reviews and assisted Dr. Shelton in fasting 40,000 patients to health and in teaching them the principles of Natural Hygiene. (Dr. Vetrano was elated to receive a card for her 90th birthday last November that was signed by me and several other friends and Hygienic Doctor cohorts who have associated with and admired her for many decades.) I teach what I learned from Dr. Shelton and my own personal and 5,000-plus client experiences. Are any gastroenterologists in the world (besides my associate Dr. Zarin Azar) interested in this? No.

In summary, all of the health forces mentioned above understood that the cause of IBD is the condition of toxicosis—an overload of toxins, or systemic poisoning, and that IBD is the direct result of malnutrition, i.e., eating an unnatural, physiologically incompatible diet that is toxic, largely indigestible and lacking in nutrients. And they understood that people with IBD need to rest, detoxify and nourish their body with a diet of appropriate plant foods.

All of this was explained loud and clear in medical doctor John H. Tilden’s 1926 classic, Toxemia Explained (https://vibranthealthandwealth.com/product/toxemia-explained-e-book-by-john-tilden-m-d/). Dr. Tilden almost went mad trying to get the medical community of his day to hear his “toxemia disease causation” model; however, he was totally ignored. Today’s Big Medicine monstrosity still refuses to study toxemia/toxicosis….and billions have died and more will suffer and die needlessly because of the mainstream’s blatant ignorance and diabolical misinformation (brainwashing) schemes.

In 1984, the year that I finally solved my ulcerative colitis debacle, the last gastroenterologist I saw recommended that I be one of 1,000 test subjects to try 6-MP/Mercaptopurine, an immunosuppressant drug that was being used on organ transplant and cancer patients. I refused. Today, most of the people who come to me with IBD are on one immunosuppressant drug or another, and commercials for them are all over television showing happy actors and actresses portraying patients with IBD, as if the immunosuppressants are harmless. If you go to the Physician’s Drug Reference page at https://www.drugs.com/pdr/ and search for the data on any immunosuppressant, scroll down under the ads selling those drugs (!) and read about the “side effects.” All can make people sicker and most can cause cancer! Just say NO to that racket!

I hope you understand that there always has been a natural solution to healing IBD. In fact, all IBD symptoms indicate that the body is working at a feverish pace to detoxify and heal. When we remove the toxifying factors that cause IBD and take rest while applying the Vegan Healing Diet Plan, the body will detoxify and heal. All of the education needed to understand all of this, including the Vegan Healing Diet Plan, is in my medically-endorsed book, Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s (https://vibranthealthandwealth.com/product/self-healing-colitis-crohns-4th-edition-paperback-by-david-klein-ph-d/). Among the 5,000+ clients who I’ve guided to health were 5 medical doctors. Many testimonials are here: https://colitisandcrohnscenter.com/testimonials-ibs-crohns-colitis/.

Do you still doubt my assertion that if you properly apply the Vegan Healing Diet Plan you will get well? If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and partially incapacitated by IBD, I warmly urge you to give the Vegan Healing Diet Plan a serious try for 4 to 8 weeks. You have everything to gain and only toxins, suffering and a wayward sense of taste to lose. Do this, and in a few weeks you’ll be singing new tunes of joy. I can guide you. Help is here!

To your vibrant health and happiness!

Dr. Dave Klein
Skype: drdaveklein