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Yoga for Digestion Perfection


Yogini Annette Davidsson is a hugely popular teacher of a gentle, enjoyable, personalized style of yoga designed to improve your physical alignment and strength, and to enhance the flow of your bodily energies, for optimum health and peak daily performance in all you do. This DVD focuses on digestive energy, demonstrating many comfortable poses and exercises that produce remarkable results in every aspect of your digestive and bowel health. If you are suffering with weak digestive and bowel energy marked by indigestion, malabsorption, sluggish evacuation, hernia, prolapses, strictures, inflammatory bowel disease (such as colitis, Crohn’s and gastritis), ulcers, acid reflux,  etc., this 45-minute DVD is for you.

Since 2005, yogic practices and her raw vegan diet have enabled Annette to completely overcome 23 years of Crohn’s disease and enjoy a dynamic life of vibrant health and happiness. For more information about Annette and her classes, please visit her Anahata Yoga website at http://www.ayoga.us.