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Saving Life- Get Help With Dr Klein

-George G., Florida (2010)

“I am writing again to publicly thank Dr. David Klein again for all the work he has done in helping people such as myself regain their health. I began to follow Dr. Klein’s advice after stumbling upon his Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s book around June, 2009. I was suffering with Crohn’s disease at the time, had read many books on managing the disease and was losing hope because I wanted to have good health and not just manage symptoms. Thank God for the Internet and a little hard work on my part.

I hope that anyone who is suffering with any digestive difficulties may find this diamond. As soon as I read Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s I was not at all skeptical that it would work. This book is the most detailed, truthful health book one can ever read.

Dr. Klein’s book delves into how humans are meant to eat and how health declines when we eat a diet that to which we are not biologically adapted. Dr. Klein does a great job of describing the perfect diet for human beings based not upon popular opinion but backed by hard science, physiology and comparative anatomy. When it comes to health and nutrition there is so much misinformation out there it’s no wonder why many people are sick and suffering.

I was skeptical about Dr. Klein’s statement that after a while of eating the natural vegan foods we are designed to eat our bodies would naturally relish only those foods. After a lifetime of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) I really thought I would miss hot dogs, soda, ribs and other junk food way too much and that I would not enjoy eating a more natural diet. However, the eating and healing plan he outlines in Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s really made sense on all levels.

It has now been eight months since I began following this correct way of eating and living. My path has not been 100% linear, meaning that at times I have taken two steps forward and one step backward, yet I continue to move in the right direction and feel better each day.

As I detoxed and healed my weight dropped from 185 to 140 pounds. I was somewhat scared but I felt much better and my disease symptoms vanished. Dr. Klein assured me that once the detox process was complete my weight would stabilize and I would be able to regain any lost muscle and achieve a healthy weight level. His counseling sessions always assured me that my body was always acting wisely and doing its best to build excellent health, and it would do so if I gave it what it needs without hindering the process with drugs and other stressors.

I no longer suffer with symptoms from Crohn’s disease. My bowel is working perfectly as he stated it would. I have much more energy then I ever had and am much happier, too. My weight has climbed back up to a healthy 155 pounds. Although I was weakened during the detox phase, I am now just as strong as I was before I became sick. I feel a lot healthier and lighter, both physically and mentally.

“With my continuing study of human health and personal observation I have a much better understanding of when I am truly hungry and am always pleased when I eat a simple meal. I eat less than previously. I attribute that to the purer internal condition of my body, which now only calls for nutritious food, and my dramatically improved digestion. Most importantly, I have realized that good nutrition and health are matters of eating health-promoting foods in a manner whereby optimum digestion and assimilation can occur.

One last major concern was ‘fitting in’ socially with my new eating and living habits. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover that this is not a problem. I’ve been drawn to a new world of like-minded people who are striving for better health. I am meeting more and more friendly folks who are mentally sharp and enjoy sharing healthful ideas. Those in my new group of friends have been very supportive. This has truly been a blessing.

Dr. Klein is unique in that he is truly ‘there’ to help his clients. He has demonstrated immense knowledge and compassion toward helping those who need healing. Eight short months ago I felt my life slipping away. I am now in the process of building something I never really experienced: ‘true health.’ I thank Dr. Klein for his continuing help and support.”