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Healthy Life Within

“I’ve come to learn that my story is not much different from that of other IBD sufferers. I was living a happy and healthy life when one day, for no apparent reason, I suddenly began to experience abdominal cramps and loose stools. Over time, this progressed to debilitating abdominal pain and 20-plus bloody and mucoid bowel movements each day.

As I am training to be a medical doctor, I naturally turned to traditional medicine for answers. Definitive answers were not what I got. Nonetheless, traditional medicine was all I knew. So, despite my obvious gaps in knowledge on this matter, I took a leap of faith and followed the directions given to me. I tried just about every anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and over-the-counter analgesic available. I went through numerous courses of steroids and even an immunosuppressant. For about a year I let the doctors adjust and readjust medication dosages in the hope that they would eventually find the key and would be able to protect me from having a colectomy.

During this year, life as I knew it was over. I had to take leave from school, lost about 60 pounds, spent 10 days in the hospital, experienced indescribable abdominal pain, became housebound due to the frequency of bowel movements, took 20 or more pills a day, incurred numerous side effects from these various medications, and spent thousands of dollars on treatments that did not help.

My observations led me to believe that the treatments I was given were actually worsening my condition. But what could I do? After all, I had to follow the advice of my experienced doctors, right? Wrong. One day, I finally realized that if all these medications weren’t helping, then how could I justify the side effects and expense? The doctors strongly advised me to continue the treatment, but I was slowly and painfully dying at the age of 27, and nothing that they were doing for me was of any help. In the case of IBD, traditional medicine did not have an answer for me and I needed to look elsewhere.

Everything changed for me when I MIRACULOUSLY found your Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s book online. I likely would have dismissed your theories as nonsense if I had come across them during the first month of the illness. But I was now in month 11 and was meeting with a surgeon to discuss a colectomy. So, I read your book and for the first time felt like someone else understood my predicament. The things you said were in direct agreement with my own experiences and observations. For the first time in a long time, I was filled with hope and felt as if this illness might be manageable.

I am now at month 15 and have been free of medications and doctor visits. I’ve spoken to you numerous times over the telephone and through e-mail. You have done nothing less than nurse me back to health and given me my life back. How do you repay someone for that?

Many of the doctors I work with are quite interested in hearing my story. They are astonished that detox and diet have played such a crucial role in my healing. Such a concept remains foreign to allopathic physicians. A few of those doctors tell me that they have heard similar stories from some of their own patients but, in the end, they have no training or understanding of nutrition and natural healing and can do little more than simply listen to my story.”

-S.G., Florida (2007)