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Dr. David Klein is My Hero

“I am forever in your debt for helping me to heal after 13 miserable years with severe ulcerative colitis. I would love to meet you some day to thank you in person or would love to call you and say thanks. I thought of the words of Winston Churchill in relation to you: “Never was so much owed by so many to so few.’ Here is my healing story from my online journal:

This journal is the result of a promise I made that once I got well and was free of any sign UC or medication for more than three years I would contribute whatever I could in the hope that it might help others. I sincerely hope it sets you on the path to healing and living a healthy, happy and normal life again.

This as a factual testimony of what happened to me. After 26 years of perfect health, symptoms of ulcerative colitis began. I was diagnosed after a colonoscopy shortly after turning 27. I suffered with severe UC for the next 13 years before being completely cured.

I had all the familiar symptoms: bleeding, mucous, the sudden, urgent need to run to the bathroom sometimes more than 20 times a day, excruciating pain, the inability to absorb any nutrients. For a three week period just after I turned 33, I was bedridden and seemed close to death. My weight had dropped to 38 kilograms (around 84 pounds). Add to this the side effects of the combination of medications I was on: Mesasal, prednisone, Prednisol enemas (when I could retain them) and Rhinocort nasal spray.

The effects of all these medications were: bloating of the face and ankles, weight gain, mood swings with aggression, headaches, oily skin and hot flashes. The long-term use of the medications led to hair loss. My eyesight became so bad I had to have surgery to remove cataracts from both eyes.

The stress caused by my illness added to stress at work. My inability to have a normal life without knowing where the nearest bathroom was put me in some pretty dark, depressing places.

“Throughout the entire 13 years of my illness one thought guided me and kept me going. I had been very healthy for 26 years and was not prepared to accept the opinions of the experts saying that my condition was genetic or ‘incurable.’ If I was healthy once, I could surely get healthy again.

The turning point came when I turned 39. I relocated to a new country to begin work with a new company. Assuming I would not have an understanding new employer like I had at my previous workplace, I knew I had to get better in the next six weeks. Along with preparing for my relocation I spent every available second on Google searching for a clue. Finally I found the proverbial ‘needle in the haystack.’

I came across Dr. David Klein’s Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s book and read his entire website. What he wrote made so much sense. The self-healing approach he teaches, known as ‘Natural Hygiene,’ resonated strongly with me. What happened over the next six weeks was miraculous.

Dr. Klein’s philosophy is underpinned by one core principle: the body, when ill, is always working to return to its natural state of health. What we call “illness” are symptoms, and doctors only treat symptoms while never addressing the causes.

By supplying the body with appropriate amounts of rest, sunshine, fresh air and, most importantly, natural diet, we can assist it in returning to its natural state of health. Dr. Klein’s book recommends a largely fruit diet. What I did next was pretty hardcore. I’m not suggesting you do it—I’m just stating what I did.

I stopped taking all medications cold turkey! From what I had read in Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s and other sources, they were keeping me sick. Taking something to stop the inflammatory process was merely masking the symptoms.

“For six weeks I completely stopped eating the offending foods listed in the book. I ate bananas with every meal of the day for around three weeks. Sometimes I drank banana smoothies. I also drank water. During the first week my symptoms became worse as my body began ejecting 13 years of toxins, but then it started to heal. After four weeks I felt I had regained about 80 percent of my health. I have stuck with my fruit based-diet of mainly bananas. Since April 2006, I have not been to a doctor for anything.

“The most important things I’ve learned from this whole experience are what Dr. Klein says: 1. the body is always trying to return to a state of health, 2. listen to your body and use common sense, 3. believe you will regain your health, 4. it won’t happen instantly, but 5. if you help your body, it will take care of everything and heal.

It goes without saying that Dr. David Klein is my hero.”

 -Andre L., London, England (2009)