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Appreciation for Dr. David Klein!

 – George G., Florida (2009)

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that you do to help people such as myself regain their health. I had been suffering with symptoms of Crohn’s since 1999 and saw an endless array of medical doctors. They told me early on that they wouldn’t know what I had unless they cut me open. Many MDs I saw said that g.i. problems, whether Crohn’s or something less severe, were not related to diet. However, using common sense and feeling the difference in my body relative to the foods I ate, I knew this could not possibly be true.

In college I focused on finance and minored in food science and human nutrition. Learning about the body and how different foods affect it led me to take better care of myself. Although I still ate meat and cooked foods at the time, I felt better; I attributed that to overall better fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

Returning from college I took a high-stress job and continued to eat foods that weren’t optimal. Every day my energy levels decreased. I even began eating processed junk foods that I had given up in college.  My energy levels dropped so much that I had to quit working.

I went back to see a gastroenterologist. Although I was previously told that I didn’t have Crohn’s, it was now obvious that I did. I was devastated when told I would have to take drugs that would not cure me, just potentially alleviate my symptoms, for the rest of my life. It was disturbing to be told that the origin of my medical condition was not known, there was no cure and I should go on numerous highly lethal drugs which have devastating side effects.

I briefly took the drugs and did not notice any improvements. Without telling my doctor I stopped taking all drugs and ate a more healthful diet and exercised regularly. When I went back to see the doctor a few months later he said I seemed to be doing better; this he attributed to the drugs he mistakenly assumed I was taking. Afterward, I decided not to return to the doctors and to find another way.

“I began reading books on healing or managing Crohn’s. They all had diets that worked for the author, stating that ‘this diet may not work for you.’ The authors were all pushing products. Being so sick, I reluctantly tried many of those diets and did learn a thing or two. When I finally came across your Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s book, everything made sense from the start.

Just five short months ago I was in so much pain I could not walk 20 yards without doubling over with excruciating stomach pains. At Disney World, ‘The happiest place on Earth,’ I felt as if I would die. For close to a year I could not sleep on my right side because it felt like I had a baseball in my lower intestines. Every time I ate I felt and heard the food scraping through every part of my stomach and intestines. If I would lay down I could literally see my stomach expanding as the food moved through it. One day I would have nonstop diarrhea and the next day I would be so constipated I couldn’t move due to the pain. This went on for close to two hellish years.

Now, following your program, my stomach is flat, my stools are normal for the first time in eight years, my energy level is soaring and, most importantly, I know I am almost totally healed as the pain is almost nonexistent. Through your work I literally view the world through a new pair of eyes. I truly thank you for your help and generosity.

Taking a different path in life, I am currently going to paramedic school and am learning a lot. I get hands-on experience with people who suffer all types of really debilitating diseases. It is sad to know that many could greatly improve the quality of their lives by changing small but significant dietary habits. Paramedic students learn a lot about different drugs and most diseases but nothing about a cure or prevention. With the amount of suffering I see, I believe it is well worth it to have an all-around healthy lifestyle, as sooner or later the pain and agony of disease will affect us if we don’t.

The physical pain that I felt for years with Crohn’s was devastating. Since I have had the good fortune of receiving your counseling not only do I have and vitality every day but I also have a renewed sense of life and happiness that I thought I had lost for good. I will always be thankful and amazed at just how knowledgeable you are, Dr. Klein. Thank you!”