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Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s 4th ed., Paperback


Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s 4th Edition

312 pages

David Klein, Ph.D., H.D.

Director, Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

Dr. David Klein’s 4th edition of the world’s #1 IBD self help book accurately explains the cause of inflammatory bowel disease and ulcers and presents a healing plan which removes the causative IBD dietary factors, setting one and all free of disease. It addresses over 12  factors that may contribute to bowel inflammation and ulcers, and shows how IBD, IBS and any digestive disorder can be permanently overcome via natural dietary and health-promoting lifestyle practices. The 100% effective Vegan Diet Healing Plan teaches step-by-step how to eat for rapid healing and long lasting health.

Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s is considered worldwide as the blueprint for overcoming any inflammatory bowel disease, including ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, diverticulitis and irritable bowel. It is the world’s only publication that accurately explains the cause of bowel inflammation, addresses over 12 factors that can contribute to its cause, and explains how inflammatory bowel disease and any digestive or gastrointestinal disorder can be overcome permanently via correctly eating our natural diet and making healthful lifestyle changes, with no gimmicks, medicines or products.

This information instantly saved the author’s life and his colon, after he had suffered with advance ulcerative colitis for 8 years and a colostomy was recommended. Thousands of people have permanently overcome inflammatory bowel illness by following this plan. Endorsed by 4 medical doctors.

This is the fourth greatly expanded edition of the best-selling natural self-help book for any inflammatory bowel disorder. It teaches the principles of self-healing based in true health science. This complete wholistic wellness guide is the culmination of Dr. Klein’s 27 years of health experience since healing himself after 8 years of severe ulcerative colitis in 1984, plus his experience with over 3,500 clients, 99% of whom successfully healed since 1993 via his Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center.

Rooted in the Natural Hygiene self-healthcare system, this guide book contains the clear, step-by-step, medically-endorsed diet and wholistic lifestyle program which has conclusively proved to be the definitive natural way to heal IBD and IBS. Disease only occurs if we cause it. IBD and IBS are completely reversible when we remove the causes and live healthfully. This book served as the author’s thesis for his Naturorthopathic Doctor degree. It answers virtually every question which has arisen in over 20,000 consultations. Deep, clearly written chapters explain the purpose of disease, and how to heal and maintain a lifetime of vibrant health.

It accurately explains the many factors and primary cause of inflammatory bowel disease and ulcers: toxic, acidifying, undigestible diets. It presents a naturally liberating dietary healing plan based upon true health science, grounded in physiology. The book explains that inflammation and ulcerations are heightened self-purification / self-healing actions conducted by the body in response to an overload of dietary toxins in the bloodstream, tissues and bowel. It addresses the many factors that may contribute to bowel inflammation and ulcers, and shows how IBD, IBS and any digestive disorder can be permanently overcome via proven dietary and health-promoting lifestyle practices in line with our natural biological mandates.

You will learn how to eat correctly for healing and beyond so that everything digests completely, leaving your bowel clean and healthy with no more putrid decomposing fecal matter to cause disease. Detailed chapters on Dietary Factors in Colitis and Crohn’s, and Vegan Diet Healing Plan with Healthful Eating Guidelines and Meal Plans are included, guiding you every step of the way and imparting healthful eating habits for a long healthy lifetime. Eating healthfully makes us detoxify and soon feel truly healthy, while eliminating the fear of having more flare-ups.

The Vegan Healing Diet Plan removes the toxic dietary factors which have been proven to cause all forms of IBD, and implements our natural, biologically-correct, most nutritious, purifying, easy-to-digest and healthful diet with a healing and health-promoting program of rest, extra sleep, detoxification, internal cleanliness, emotional release, positive thinking, exercise and other natural lifestyle practices for the restoration and preservation of health. It provides an extensive list of the toxic, inflammation-causing foods and pitfalls to avoid.

Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s is the world’s only book that:

  •  Was written by a health educator who himself overcame advanced inflammatory bowel illness (ulcerative colitis) and chronic fatigue, and who has maintained long-term illness-free health (27 years).
  •  Accurately explains the cause of bowel inflammation (the body’s response to toxicosis resulting mainly from toxic diet).
  •  Accurately explains the purposes of bowel inflammation and disease (to detoxify, purify and heal the body)
  •  Discusses twelve causative factors in inflammatory bowel illness
  •  Explains how the body can spontaneously self heal and what it takes to create everlasting wellness.
  •  Explains why the “autoimmune” theory is a fallacy.
  •  Explains why the body’s innate self healing power is far superior to any medicine.
  •  Explains what it takes for the body to heal up in the quickest time.
  •  Explains how to overcome gastric distress by eating in a manner so that food digest perfectly each time.
  •  Explains which foods our digestive physiology and colons were designed to handle, and which will promote optimum health.
  •  Explains how to eat the only diet which works 100% of the time for self-healing and staying healthy (vegan).
  •  Explains why meat is the primary causative factor in 99% of all inflammatory bowel illness.
  •  Shows how to save countless dollars in medical care, medicines, and health insurance bills.

After thousands of clinical cases, the author and several other Medical and Naturorthopathic Doctors have concluded that this natural Hygienic approach is the only true way to heal and keep healthy because it is based on an accurate understanding of human physiology and our biological requisites for health. It involves no medicines, treatments or products; the body is a self-healing organism and it does its healing work perfectly when he provide the conditions for healing.

This is not a plan for managing IBD and IBS, a quick-fix gimmick that works for only some people, or a program that the author invented based upon unproven theories. Instead, it is based upon factual principles of health science showing us how to remove the causes of IBD and IBS, fully unleash our self-healing powers and promote lasting wellness by fulfilling our bio-spiritual health requisites.

The book was endorsed by 3 medical doctors including 1 gastroenterologist, Dr. Zarin Azar, who works with Dr. Klein. This is not a plan for managing IBD and IBS, a quick-fix gimmick that works for only some people, or a program that the author invented based upon unproven theories. Instead, it is based upon factual principles of health science teaching us how to remove the causes of IBD and IBS, fully unleash our self-healing powers and promote lasting wellness



Medical and Academic Endorsements

Acknowledgements and Dedications


Notes to Reader


1.1 We Possess Self-healing Bodies and Were Not Meant to Suffer!

1.2 Summary        

1.3 Advisory



2.1 Understanding Your Self-Healing Powers                                                                         

2.2 Sleep: The Source of Your Self-healing Energy                                         

2.3 Understanding Disease                                                                                             

2.4 How An Unnatural Diet Causes Diseases                                                      

2.5 Understanding Inflammation                                                                                 

2.6 Understanding Ulceration                                                                                   

2.7 Understanding Detoxification and Weight Loss                                           

2.8 Natural Hygiene: The Science and Fine Art of Healthful Living              

2.9 The Healthful Living Credo of Life                                                                   

2.10 The Prime Requisites of Health                                                                          

2.11 Correct Ways of Living Are Essential!                                                               

2.12 What it Takes to Get Well                                                                                           

2.13 The Laws of Life                                                         



3.1 Functions of the Bowel                                                                                              

3.2 Bowel Hygiene                                                                                                                

3.3 Wholistic Factors in Colitis and Crohn’s Disease  



4.1 Dietary Factors in Colitis and Crohn’s Disease                                                     

4.2 Vegan Nutrition                                                                                                            

4.3 Demystifying Vitamin B12                                                                                                                                

4.4 A General Guide to Food Selection                                                               

4.5 Key Foods                                                                                                                    

4.6 Food Combining for Digestion Perfection                                                        

4.7 Understanding Hunger and Appetite                                                                



5.1 Vegan Healing Diet Guidelines                                                                                

5.2 Vegan Healing Diet Morning and Daytime Meal Choices                            

5.3 Vegan Healing Diet Dinner Choices                                                                        

5.4 Juice Healing Diet                                     



6.1 Vegan Post-healing Diet Guidelines                                                                           

6.2 Vegan Post-healing Diet Morning and Daytime Meal Choices                      

6.3 Vegan Post-healing Diet Dinner Choices                                                              

6.4 Vegan Select Fresh Recipes                                                                                       



7.1 What to Expect                                                                                                                    

7.2 Health Guideposts                                                                                                                         

7.3 Avoid the Pitfalls                                                                                                            

7.4 Abiding By Your Guiding Sense of Healthfulness                                          

7.5 The Art of Rejuvenation                                                                                             

7.6 Healing Touch                                                                                                                

7.7 Sunbathing                                                                                                                        

7.8 Exercises                                                                                                                              


8.1 Are You Possessed of Courage?                                                                                    

8.2 Don’t Quit                                                                                                                             

8.3 The Fruits Of Healing – Dr. David Klein’s Story About His Natural Healing of Ulcerative Colitis      

8.4 I Live in Joy Now (David’s Song of Life)                                                              

8.5 Testimonials                                                                                                                  

8.6 Conclusion          



A Nutrition and Health Guidance by Dr. David Klein                                                           

B Hygienic Health Care Providers                                                                                     

C Daily Health Diary                                                                                                               

D Recommended Reading                                                                                                    

E Healthful Web Sites                                                                                                            

F References                                                                                                                            

G About the Author            


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