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I Said No #$%$-ing Thank You to Cancer, an Immunosuppressant Drug and a Colectomy and Here’s What Happened

I Said No #$%$-ing Thank You to Cancer, an Immunosuppressant Drug and a Colectomy and Here’s What Happened

by David Klein, Ph.D.
Director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center


Thirty-one years ago, after eight horrific years of ulcerative colitis which left my body depleted and my life in ruins, a gastroenterologist in Manhattan said I’d get colon cancer within a few years, so I should: 1. consider taking 6MP, the first immunosuppressant drug being tried on colitis patients, or 2. have my colon cut out and have a j-pouch constructed from my small intestine and sewed onto my anus, which came with the risk of the stitches ripping out.

I had arrived at the climax point.

I had heard nothing useful and many things lame and infuriating from seven gastroenterologists from New Jersey to New York City to Boston over those eight years. They all said that my Standard American Diet was not a factor in my colon disease.

Many months earlier, I had also heard the incredible words of a confident Doctor of Natural Hygiene who said that my disease was the result of toxemia, and my body would heal itself if I stopped poisoning it and started nourishing it properly, the natural way.

After major heavy thinking on the way home from that Manhattan medical office, my mind snapped!

I decided that I’d finally had enough of medical madness and I’d either rather die in my bed with no more medical meddling or somehow find the guts to begin a diet of nothing but fruits, vegetables, sweet potatoes and squash.

A few days later while contemplating my fate, everything in my mind came clear and my world changed. I blew up my old destructive life and began a new naturally healthful one! I threw out the doctors and drugs and began what I now call the Vegan Healing Diet as a newborn health nut, acting as my own doctor. Intuition and Natural Hygiene books were my guides.

So, here is what happened:

Four weeks later, my fully ulcerated bloody colon was completely healed and I was functioning perfectly and overflowing with joy!

Three years later, with total dedication to healthful living I arrived at a state of vibrant dynamic health in an entirely new body with a rejuvenated spirit.

Nine years later, I left my engineering career and founded the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center.

Nine years later, I also published Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s with the Vegan Healing Diet Plan. To date, 35,000 copies have sold.


Twenty-two years later, I earned a Ph.D. in Natural Health and Healing with Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s as my thesis.

Twenty-three years later I earned my Naturorthopathic Doctor degree,

Over the past 24 years, I have guided nearly 4,000 clients to health, setting them free of medicines and the toxic dietary factors that made them sick. Ninety-nine percent of my clients get well.

I hope you have the clarity and passion to just say no #$%$-ing thank you to medicine and YES! to natural healing.

Read Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s and apply the Vegan Healing Diet Plan if your spirit is moving you to escape the medical trap and embrace a whole new world of vibrant health. With diligence, I’m sure you’ll succeed and love your new diet and life. I am here to help.



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  1. stacey says:

    Wow! Awesome!!

  2. Gennaro (Gerald) cifuni says:

    I have had rectum colitis for the past two year. I have gone through numerous treatments such as 6-mp, prednisone, Apriso, mesalamine enema and a liquid diet drink call paptamen but nothing seems to help my heath problem. I am now told that I must take Humira to reduce my inflammation. Humira has terrible side-side effects so I am undecided about taking that medication. Below is my pathologic diagnosis that was performed in 2014. Is there anything you can suggest to improve my quality of life. Currently I am suffering from severe cramps, constantly having bowel movement with blood in my stool. I was searching on the internet for solution to my physical situation when I came across your web-site. I spent hours reading through your website and was extremely impressed about your story hoping that you might be able to improve my horrible health issue. I would appreciate greatly if you can help me re-live a normal life because right now my life extremely unpleasant.


    A. COLON AT 50 CM:

    Moderate chronic active colitis.

    B. COLON AT 20 CM:

    Moderate to severe chronic active colitis with focal ulceration.

    C. RECTUM:

    Moderate chronic active colitis.