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Health Facts: 99% Success Rate

Everyone can heal via the natural self-healing plan we teach if they understand the principles of self-healing physiology, fully believe in their self-healing ability, are diligent about doing the work and are patient. The natural self-healing plan we teach is the basis for all true healing and will always help people reach their goals of freedom from disease and medicine. Complete rest is essential for those with chronic and advanced cases—the body demands this, and there are no shortcuts to health! About 90% of our clients who follow my guidance heal up within 3 to 8 weeks, depending on their condition and how well they apply program. Those with severe toxemia, nutritional depletion and enervation caused by malnutrition and harmful medications require a lot longer recovery time, and it is often very challenging and may require some medical involvement. In cases which are not severe, generally 1 to 2 hours of consultation time with me is required be become firmly set on the path to lasting health.