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Awareness For Health & Dietary Mastery

Awareness For Health & Dietary Mastery

by David Klein, Ph.D., Naturorthopathic Doctor
Director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center
Self Healing Empowerment Counselor

Adapted from Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s by David Klein, Ph.D.

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Disease and health don’t just happen—they are caused!

In 99% of all gut disease and digestive disorder issues, our food choices and other lifestyle habits are the culprits. You can change your health condition, even if your genetics are not perfect. You can improve your overall health in virtually every way via education and insight. The body is self-healing, and it will heal if you discontinue the cause of disease and implement the conditions for healing and health. Awareness, accurate natural health education, and the application of natural dietary and lifestyle practices are the keys.

By making sensory awareness your moment-to-moment mindful experience, you’ll be able to make decisions which keep you safe, comfortable and healthy. With regard to your health, you’ll be enabled to make proper decisions such as: dressing properly to maintain comfortable body temperature; exercising at a safe level which prevents injury; resting and sleeping to promote optimum energy, performance and healing; sunning adequately and not to the point of injury; eating in a manner which keeps you well-nourished, i.e., hydrated, nutrified, energized as well as internally clean, balanced and joyful, and so on. More specifically with regard to diet, your guiding senses coupled with some life experience will give you the wisdom to precisely know: when you need to eat, drink and fast (rest); which food(s) to eat and drink; what quantities to ingest; and when to stop eating and drinking.

Freedom from destructive, disordered eating and other self-destructive habits is our birthright, and our senses will lead us there if we focus on the whole health process and keep at it. Knowing our needs frees us from confusion and fear, and we’re enabled to reconnect to the natural order of life. When we are free, we are naturally dynamically energetic, creative, openhearted and compassionate toward all. This is the environment for creating vibrant health and keeping youthful vitality.

Tools & Techniques For Honing Your Insight Skills


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Becoming adept at sensing deeply and responding skillfully to wisdom messages from within takes practice. How to approach it? Try various angles as needed until the channels open up and come into tune. Here are some tools and techniques you can explore. You’ll likely find a few favorites which will serve you well on your path.

• Think “natural,” simplify and align your lifestyle with the ways of Mother Nature.

• Develop a lifestyle regimen of solely healthful practices.

• Do not accept stress in any area of your life.

• Become an observer of your body sensations, emotions and thoughts.

• Practice being present and aware at all times.

• Take walks, practicing awareness and presence.

• Know how your undisciplined mind thinks and disengage from unhealthful, inaccurate, disempowering health concepts, myths and deceptions.

• Find a quiet place, sit in silence and simply “be” with yourself each day, especially in the morning when you awaken and at night when you retire to bed.

• Go out into Nature on a regular basis and practice stillness.

• Tune inward, observe bodily sensations, energies, discomforts and other qualities.

• When uncomfortable feelings and emotions arise, stay present, accept them, disengage from the stories they bring into your mind, let the energy flow through your body, and release. Observe all of this from a neutral vantage point without getting caught up in any dramas.

• Become aware of your resistance to going deeper within. This resistance is exactly what you need to learn about, delve into deeply, befriend and move through.

• Take meditation classes to learn a meditation technique that works for you.

• Take yoga and awareness movement classes such as tai chi and chi gong, and continue the practices at home and when you travel.

• If focusing within is a difficult concept, learn the focusing skill from the book Focusing by Eugene Gendlin.

• Communicate with yourself and others truthfully, clearly, meaningfully and with presence.

• Keep physically fit, emotionally poised and mentally in control.

• Clarify your windows of perception via a purifying, vegan diet of mostly fruit and, if necessary, fasting on water.

• Eat simply and within your digestive limits.

• Avoid excessive cooked foods and fatty foods (raw and cooked)—they cloud your clarity, dull your senses and inhibit your ability to access information from within.

• Honor your health needs by heeding your inner guide’s direction toward what you need to do to maintain personal harmony, safety and health.

• Learn to say “yes” to your guiding sense and “no” to nonsense.

• Congregate with compassionate, sensitive people who also practice present-minded awareness and healthful living. Model healthy people who practice presence.

• Release fears—all of them—for it does not serve you to bring on any of them. Don’t allow them to stifle your insight and your life. Your awareness will protect you from harm.

• Keep your nerve energy well-charged via securing adequate sleep. Sleep is the source of your daily nerve energy supply. This promotes vitality, poise, mental acuity and intuitive power.

• Accept “what is” and let it all flow. Your life won’t fall apart; it will become more and more successful as you hone your ability to rely on your senses and just “be.” Making the right choices and taking the best care of yourself will become automatic if you surrender to your perfect guiding sense of healthfulness.


Abiding by your innate wisdom, the intelligence that resides within your body, instead of relying on fixes from outside, is the way to true health freedom. Your senses will faithfully protect and guide you, and no one, no doctor and no thing can do a better job of this. No one knows your health needs better than the health guide within you!

All of the finest gifts of life—peace, tranquility, joy and health—are yours. Listen deeply, get in touch with your inner powers, and enjoy the freedom!

If you need assistance on your path of healing and vibrant health mastery, I’ll be happy to help. Please visit my websites and contact me. Your body is trying to heal itself right now, and I can show you how to enable it to do the job.

For vibrant health and happiness,

Dr. David Klein

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