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What to Expect: A Perfectly Healthy Bowel

Given the right conditions, care and time, if sufficient vitality exists, all inflammatory bowel disorders will heal under this program including colitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, ileitis, irritable bowel syndrome, fistulas and hemorrhoids; strictures will also heal, scar tissue and polyps will slough off, tumors will be autolyzed and eliminated and the bowel will resume its normal shape with all new healthy cells.

When the bowel is perfectly healthy we are not aware of it at all! It does not give us any signs of distress and we feel free and strong. We have two or three brief, subtle urges to evacuate each day and the bowel movement is quick, effortless and in no way unpleasant. There is no more urgency, diarrhea, incontinence, constipation, cramping, spasming, aches or pains. As previously discussed, stools are moist, formed, have fine, homogeneous texture, uniform diameter, their color resembles that of recently eaten food, they have no odor or neutral odor, there is no mucous or blood, and they sink and crumble in the water. There is minimal need for toilet paper. We have little or no gas/flatulence and no foul body odors. With a healthy bowel we enjoy a sense that we are giving our precious body the care it needs, and we are rewarded with good feelings and dynamic energy, making life easy and pleasurable.

It’s up to those with colitis and Crohn’s to do the work to heal and to preserve their health by maintaining the natural, healthful living program we teach, and we will support you throughout your journey. Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s gives the keys, teaching how the body’s “operating system” was designed to work, that is, how to restore and maintain excellent health.

By setting the intention of continuous self-improvement with the goal of manifesting perfect, vibrant disease-free health, we can achieve our loftiest goals and never experience colitis & Crohn’s again. Lifelong vibrant, disease-free health can be maintained by the daily diligent application of healthful living practices. The more we work at it, the easier it becomes. In time, it is no longer work; rather, it is automatic, pleasurable habit and the rewards are joyous. Deep down inside, this is what your bowel and your entire being is calling for! It’s all about integrity—giving yourself the loving nurturance you need to be healthy. Taking care of yourself is always priority number one.

When you diligently apply the principles of healthful living, fulfilling the “Prime Requisites of Health” and obeying “The Laws of Life,” you can expect ever-increasing wellness and joy in living. The further you progress with your healthful practices, the easier it becomes. Eventually it all becomes “first nature,” that is, normal, sensible, effortless and enjoyable. Visualize a healthy mind, body and lifestyle. Think healthfully. Act healthfully. Live healthfully. In all ways be healthy. Claim your birthright to glorious health, allow the new healthy you to blossom and don’t look back!

Health can be regained but it must be earned each and every day. Choose to live and be healthy every day. I encourage you to totally go for it, to dedicate three to six months to fully implement the self-healing protocol and get the help you need to see it through and keep up the healthful living practices. The reward is vibrant health, freedom and joy. You will love yourself, love life and derive immense pleasure in sharing your experience and high vitality with others.

If you experience some pitfalls—we all do, especially during the first few years—learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward. Becoming healthy and maintaining health is a lifelong process—we all have plenty to unlearn and overcome. Practice makes perfect! All successful people, regardless of their goals, work at self-improvement. The rewards of healthful living are all things that are truly good.