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15 Years of Crohn’s Healed!

Dr. Dave Klein,

Where do I start with the healing journey? Since 2015 I have had with your guidance, support and infallible knowledge. Before your guidance gave me back my life and gave me a life I never thought I would ever have, I had suffered with severe Crohn’s disease for 15 years.

In 2002 I had surgery with 5 metres of my large bowel removed. In March, 2015 I was back in hospital again. I had been on immunosuppressant infusions every two months for the previous 7 years, and I suffered from monthly eye infections and cold sores along with secondary issues which also required surgery yet did not resolve anything. I was told by the doctors that unfortunately these are the secondary issues due to my illness and I will have to live with them. In the hospital two years ago, the consultant said, your Crohn’s is so bad that we have to perform more surgery and you will have to have a colostomy bag for life.

I refused the doctors’ opinion and advised them I would look for a second opinion, and left the hospital taking steroids. I started to search for an answer and I found you, Dr. Klein, in July, 2015. With your guidance, within 2 weeks I was no longer having 10-plus bowel motions a day, the cramping pains, the waking up in the middle of the night in pain; all symptoms subsided and I was off the steroids. I continued to heal with your guidance. I was happier, healthier, the eye infections stopped, the cold sores stopped, and the secondary issues healed, too. Within 7 weeks I was symptom-free. I had a colonoscopy and there was nothing there. The doctors where confused—there was no sign of inflammation, ulceration or any Crohn’s symptoms.

Two years since you saved me, I am still medication-free, I have more energy than I ever had, I’m mentally more efficient, have confidence in myself, and belief that I can achieve my interests without the dreadful feelings I lived with before.

I physically do all the things I was not able to do prior due to the physical and mental exhaustion that went along with the Crohn’s. Now I go hiking, rock climbing, horse riding. I LIVE!!  I felt strong enough to go back to education and pursue a new career, one I had put off applying to when I was continuously ill.

I have since qualified with distinction and have the job I always wanted, along with continual upskilling. If it was not for you and your sharing the knowledge that healed me I would not be the confident, loving life woman I am today, continuously growing stronger and healthier.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Klein.

-Amie T., Republic of Ireland (June, 2017)


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  1. ELLIE MCKENNA says:

    Hello, my name is Ellie.

    I have had Chemical sensitivity for 15 years I have been extremely unwell.
    I have had to give up my job due to ill health I as I have tried everything and no longer have any idea how to help myself.
    I also have a very sensitive GI Tract.
    Is there a possibility of healing and guidance.

    Kind Regards,